Speech therapy is a work of heart.

Why Erin Harty Speech-Language Pathology, PC?

Erin Harty SLP - Speech-Language Pathology Therapy in the comfort of your own home covered by most insurance

Patient-Family Centered Care

Our team believes in a collaborative approach with the patient (if age-appropriate) and the family. We encourage family members to be involved and participate in the patient’s progress. Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) must work within the proper developmental stages and hierarchy of speech and language skills; however, we also want to hear from the parents, caregivers, spouses, family members, and patient about what their goals are. What do you want to achieve from therapy? Your clinician will incorporate your goals into the plan of care (POC) as appropriate. We also support a team approach and collaborate with other professionals, such as teachers, school SLPs, ABA therapists, ENTs, dentists, etc.

Low Caseloads / Happy Clinicians

We keep low caseloads at approximately 70-75% productivity for our therapists to avoid burnout and to facilitate higher quality of care for our patients. This allows approximately 25-30% of your clinician’s weekly time for report writing, daily clinical note writing, creating home exercise programs (HEPs) for patients, and prep time for sessions. Most clinics and rehab centers require approximately 90-95% productivity, which leads to less clinical research time, less collaboration time, and higher clinician burn-out rates…and fast! Taking care of our therapists is another way to take care of our patients.

Parent / Caregiver Education And Training

Our clinicians provide parent and caregiver education and training during sessions. Clinicians spend approximately one (1) hour with each individual patient each week (typically two (2) 30-minute sessions). This leaves 167 hours for the rest of the week that we are not with our patients, but you are. Patient progress relies on support from the family for carry-over and HEP completion. Training is provided a few different ways depending on the family’s needs.

We have some patients who do not enjoy screen time at all. They don’t even like virtual calls with grandma and grandpa. In these cases, we conduct 100% parent/caregiver education sessions. The caregiver meets virtually with the clinician to discuss strategies, techniques, and implementation. Caregivers of our patients who do participate in therapy sessions are provided education and training either throughout the session or at the end of the session. We also provide HEP activities for you to incorporate into your daily routines because we know how hard it can be to try to set aside blocks of time to focus just on speech-language therapy.

We Are Here For You

Your clinician is available to answer questions during regular business hours about HEPs, training, and education via email or phone. We understand that you are not trained SLPs. Perhaps you just need some clarification, perhaps the task is too difficult for the patient to complete and you need help to reduce the difficulty level, or perhaps the patient has mastered the HEP and you would like more before the next session. You can simply reach out to your clinician for help.